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The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Caskets for Funeral Homes

As of 2023, the funeral industry in the US alone is worth more than 19 billion dollars. When planning a funeral, the biggest and most significant expense for most people is the casket or the coffin. The passage of time has brought with it an abundance of casket options, especially after the invention of the Internet which has enabled several online casket retailers so that consumers have more options than ever before.

Benefits of buying wholesale caskets for funeral homes

As in any other business, there are a number of advantages to buying wholesale caskets and reselling them to consumers if you are a funeral home. Here are some of the most important benefits of purchasing wholesale caskets:

Reducing costs

Wholesalers buy from manufacturers to sell to retailers, which means funeral homes that buy in wholesale will enjoy a substantial profit margin when they purchase caskets in bulk and then resell directly to consumers. Funeral homes can also save on costs by purchasing and reselling wholesale caskets rather than manufacturing them, further eliminating a significant amount of logistical and operational expenses.

Availing variety

A funeral home is likely to need more than one kind of casket since it is an item that consumers select largely based on personal preference. A consumer would highly value getting the kind of casket they prefer which makes it important for a funeral home to have a variety of options. Buying caskets in wholesale can be the best option in this regard since you can purchase multiple styles, sizes, or models of caskets from one wholesaler rather than having to go to different manufacturers separately.

Practical convenience

If you form a good relationship with a wholesaler, then you may also be able to enjoy other perks such as opening a credit line with them or getting information about potential manufacturing troubles. These types of perks can greatly improve your ability to stay on top of any external factors that might impact your business and cash flow.

Not only is buying wholesale caskets cheaper than manufacturing them, but it is also many times more convenient. If you have a funeral home, you can leave behind all the hassle of getting caskets made for you by ordering a number of caskets in many styles at wholesale prices and having them delivered to your doorstep.

Quality assurance

Since wholesalers most often purchase their products directly from the manufacturers, you do not need to worry too much about ensuring quality. When you buy wholesale, you receive the caskets without them going through a large number of parties that could potentially alter or damage the product quality.

Where to buy wholesale caskets

Before the 1800s, caskets were not manufactured on a large scale basis. Rather, furniture shops would make them specially on an as-needed basis. However, by 1952 there were approximately 700 casket companies that were manufacturing caskets or coffins. As time passed further, we now have an online marketplace available too, and there are several online casket retailers offering direct casket sales to consumers.

At the same time, there are also a number of establishments selling wholesale caskets to retailers, for example, Beacon Hill caskets. At Beacon Hill we have four variants of expertly crafted caskets available – the Summit, the Summit XL, the Valor, and the Youth Casket. Each casket is made of the highest quality materials and reflects the attention to detail that we cherish to provide funeral professionals with as well as their clients. Contact us to avail wholesale caskets in bulk at the lowest possible prices.