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Interesting Caskets and Coffins From around the World

Here are the popular caskets you’ll find in the market depending on your location:

1.    The American Casket

The American casket is the most popular style of the coffin in the United States. It’s rectangular and made of wood, with a lid that fits over it. This coffin allows for easy lowering into the ground during burial. The American casket was originally designed for use in colonial America. However, its use has been adopted worldwide because of the iconic symbolism.

2.    The British Coffin

The British Coffin is a pine box, the most common type of coffin in the UK. It’s decorated with a Union Jack flag and can be made into any size you want.  One of the best examples of the British coffins is the late monarch’s coffin, which was made of oak and a lead lining.

3.    The Indian Sarcophagus

The Indian Sarcophagus is a box made of wood or metal that can be used to bury the dead. It can be decorated with carvings, usually done by people who are not art experts. The Indian Sarcophagus is used in India and other countries that practice Indian burial traditions. Materials used for making these boxes vary; some use wood, while others use metal.

4.    The Japanese Casket

This is made from bamboo, a natural material with many benefits, including strength and flexibility. Bamboo can also be harvested sustainably without destroying forests or harming animals—it’s biodegradable!

5.    The Chinese Coffin

There are a few different types of Chinese coffins. This includes those that are made from wood and those made out of metal. The latter is becoming more popular because it’s easier to transport than wooden ones.

6.    The Russian Casket

The Russian casket also uses natural materials like birch bark but adds metal reinforcements to avoid warping.