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How It Works?

The Process

With our extensive experience of providing products to businesses across the country, we know on-time delivery and quality are important. You will find answers below to common questions. When you are ready to take a closer look, call us for further details.


Ordering and receiving product is a simple and flexible process. Businesses are able to purchase individual products or containers to ensure they have the products they need, at the prices that work best for them.

By Container – Businesses that can plan ahead are able to take advantage of the lowest pricing available by ordering a container shipment directly from the factory to their door. Each container can hold 64 metal caskets and, generally, 54 wood caskets. Depending on wood casket models, a container of up to 60 wood caskets can be arranged. Each container takes approximately 90 days to arrive.

From Warehouse – Purchase can be delivered from our warehouse locations to provide a quick delivery, with advatageous pricing. Orders can be made for any quantity and prevents onsite storage. Businesses paying at delivery, enjoy even more discounted rates with this option place. The casket comes in over 20 colors, offering flexibility to choose the perfect hue to match your loved one’s personal style. With its exceptional craftsmanship, this casket offers a superior option for a final resting place, and is our most sought after model.